Mimosa Pudica

The world is definitely a very special place for us to inhabit, and I know that there are so many environmentalists out there who are fighting on behalf of the earth so that humans can stop messing things up and just start living in the world in a more renewable way because it has only been for under 200 hundred years that we have seen all this type of pollution on the earth and how humans have kind of taken over as the world’s most intelligent and damaging species to the earth. We as humans must understand that we have made a huge impact on the world by the new ways that we currently live in, and of course the human race has grown and that is good and all, but of course we still need to respect the earth that is our mother in general and I think over time we have lost sight of this connection with the earth and all of the plants that inhabit the earth, and this is a problem. So what we have been doing throughout this entire website is just simply talk about some of the world’s most interesting plants and that means that we have talked about some really weird and awesome plants that you can find all over the world.

So if you are the type of person who appreciates the plants and the earth in general then you should definitely consider yourself to be in a very cool spot online because that is essentially what we are doing on all of these articles in that we are discussing the world’s most interesting plants. So for our next most interesting plant in the world we are going to talk about the Mimosa Pudica, and I know this plant might make you think about champagne and orange juice mixed together because it kind of does that with me too, but the truth of the matter is that this plant is really beautiful and has the verbal abilities that most plants in the world do not have at all. I think that for the most part we consider plants to just be there and that is what they are doing, just being there.

But the truth of the matter is that most of the world’s most interesting plants are living on earth with general purposes just like all of us, which pretty much just means that they are trying to have sex with other plants and pollinate and reproduce just like all of us tend to be doing as well. It is kind of funny how in biology it tends to always come down to sex because that is the purpose of pretty much every single living organism on earth, which is to reproduce and create offspring, so that kind of makes me want to know if plants have orgasms, and if there is any plant that has an orgasm it is the Mimosa pudica, except they are actually considered the shiest, or prudest, plants on earth.

This is the type of plant that is extremely beautiful and has all these pink flowers that makes it look like a pink dandelion for the mot part, but you can’t touch this plant because the second that you touch it the plant will curl up and go back into the stem, and I know that for the most part this is something that most people wouldn’t ever think a plant was capable of doing but that is exactly what this plant does. This is the main reason why this plant is one of the world’s most interesting plants and I know that we should definitely pay a lot of respect to this plant, but probably not touch it too much and make it all sensitive and shy of humans because that is what has been happening for the most part.

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Course Of The Planet

Now that we are pretty self aware about the facts that the earth is a living organism and I know that for the most part we all think of the earth as just this rock spinning around the sun in space, but of course the planet that we live on is actually just as much alive as everyone one of us reading this article and of course all of the plants in the world. I know that we can’t always expect people to want to know all that much about the world’s most interesting plants because they might think of something like botany as something that just isn’t that interesting, and that is perfectly fine and understandable because after all plants are just plants, right? Well, we are here to tell you about some plants that aren’t just plants and that definitely means that we are going to be talking about some of the world’s most interesting plants that are for sure to spark your imagination completely and make you wonder a lot about some of the other things in the world that we don’t know all that much about like the livelihood of the planet itself.

The thing that is so cool about plants in general is that at their roots, the essence of what they are kind of like the spine of a human, comes from the earth and the soil underneath the ground. And that is something that I think is actually pretty magical because the world is a place in which life can originate and that just means that we are in this world that creates life and that definitely means that there is life in the earth itself, and not just all above the surface where we can see the plants and things like that. Of course the world’s most interesting plants that we are going to talk about are all plants that you can see in the wild and in the external world, and for our next most interesting plant that we are going to talk about for this particular article we are going to talk about the very famous Venus flytrap.

The Venus flytrap is definitely one of the world’s most interesting plants in the world, and that has to deal with the fact that it is a carnivorous plant that actually eats things like flies and other animals in the world. That is something that is really fascinating and I am sure that you have already probably seen videos of a Venus flytrap capturing prey and that is a really cool thing that it does. It stays open and pretty much looks just like a really cool flower until the moment a fly or another animal, but mostly a fly or a bee or something will go into one of the pods, and once they are inside the trap the leaves will close up and entrap the pretty much already screwed over prey for days at a time and sometimes even over a week until it is completely digested and the plant has gotten its nutrients. The Venus flytrap is a plant that grows in a lot of areas of the United States including the eastern locations of North Carolina in swamp lands and in a bunch of other areas, but of course they are so special in so many ways that we should definitely consider the Venus flytrap one of the world’s most interesting plants by far.

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Earth Is A living Organism

When it comes to the world there literally is just life sprouting out all over the place and although this might not be the type of thing that most of us understand or even notice the thing is that the earth itself is a living organism just like all the animals and plants that live on the earth. I found this out through tons of metaphysical and alternative research and that is definitely not something that everyone in the world doesn’t normally look into researching, but that is a good thing that I have done all this research and now have learned a lot about botany and all the most interesting plants in the world.

This is exactly what we are going to be talking about throughout all of these articles in this list of article and things like that and it is definitely important, at least to me, that people start to learn more about the world’s most interesting plants because there is a lot to learn about the world and the botany of the vegetation that grows from the underneath the earth. This is something that is so amazing if you really think about it, and that it is that the earth’s soil, the substance that is the earth at least at the very crust of the earth, is capable of vegetating and growing gigantic trees and some of the most amazing plants that you will ever hear about, and so for our next plant that we are going to talk about in our list of the world’s most amazing plants is the pitcher plant, and it definitely is one of the coolest plants in the world.

The pitcher plant is called the pitcher plant because the flowers themselves look like pitchers that you would pour water into, but what is so cool about the pitcher plant is that it is a carnivorous plant and traps its pretty inside the pitcher flowers and then uses these really fascinating digestive enzymes to actually consume their food, which is things like flies, spider and even small animals like mice. The world is still a little bit in the dark when it comes to how the pitcher plant really does digest its food because it really is such a fascinating process just like any other carnivorous plant. The pitcher plant is native to south east Asia, which makes sense because that area of the world is just awesome in general and definitely is the place where some of the world’s most interesting plants reside for the most part.

So when it comes to the pitcher plant I think that it is really important to realize that this is the type of [plant that actually smells incredible, and that is how it lures animals to walk into the pitchers, because they are open until something goes in there and then they get trapped in the pitcher flowers and then they are pretty much dead because the enzymes will start kicking in and then the plant will literally eat food. That in itself makes the pitcher plant one of the world’s most interesting plants because not that many plants eat food like animals and things like that and any carnivorous plant should be considered a part of this elaborate list of the world’s most interesting plants.






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World’s most interesting plants

The entire world is growing and sprouting up with life everywhere you look, and I mean just think about it. It definitely is kind of weird that trees and plants are just jutting out of the earth everywhere you look, and it’s almost like the ground or the soil of the earth is alive with something, and that simply is because the earth itself and soil of the earth itself is in fact alive and a living organism which is something that a lot of us forget in this day in age. Life is literally busting out of the earth at a constant level and that is something that we should all consider because the worlds’ most interesting plants is the topic of all of these articles and entire list of blogs. So now that you know that we are going to be talking about the world’s most interesting plants I think it is pretty safe to say that you are the type of person who really enjoys nature and the natural world, and this is great because we all share that here and we want to just help share some information about some really cool plants that you should know more about. You never know what you could use this information for and I think that if you talk to someone at a party about some of these plants then you definitely will seem really cool because these plants are really interesting, and that is pretty much why they are considered to be the world’s most interesting plants.

So the first of the world’s most interesting plants that we are going to be talking about is the corpse flower, and I think that at lot of people kind of know about this type of flower because it really is weird looking, and it has its name from its smell that generally smells horrible and kind of like a human corpse, which is obviously not going to be very pleasant smelling. But this flower is actually such an awesome looking flower and is one of those flowers that looks like it is from an alien planet or something that would be in James Cameron’s Avatar film on the planet of Pandora, but of course it is actually a giant flower that it is comprised of thousands of male and female flowers all connected together.

The corpse flower can get gigantic as well, which is kind of why it is one of the most interesting plants in the world and some corpse plants even weigh up to two hundred pounds, which is obviously pretty crazy when you think about the size of other plants around the world. Now no one is denying that this particular plant has a really gross smell to it, and it is so bad that you can definitely recognize the smell when you are getting near one of these plants, but still the gross smell of the plant is just part of what makes it very unique. Here at this particular website we are thinking about a bunch of different factors that play into how some of these plants make the list of world’s most interesting plants and this list is definitely a really competitive list because there are so many different awesome plants everywhere but the corpse plant has placed itself in a unique position on this list.


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